Tradpak Fire - Update

Following the devastating fire that engulfed our Leeds site on Monday 21st April 2014 Tradpak are now back to full production. Whilst the whole of our yard, IBC processing facilities and all of our stock were completely destroyed, the offices, some operating areas and most of our transport fleet were undamaged. Consequently we were able to quickly restart collections and by using the undamaged areas of the Leeds site we are now processing and washing containers again.

Once again Tradpak would like to thank its customers and suppliers for their patience, support and good wishes in what has been a very difficult time for the company.

The Tradpak team’s priority will as always be to provide a quality service and every effort will be made to resume normal business as soon as possible. Further updates will be posted in the coming days. If any customer has any concerns or questions please ring our office on 08000 48 47 50

Exciting Changes to Tradpak

Tradpak  has announced an important change to our business structure.  This new organisation will serve to strengthen the group and set the company up for further growth and innovation in the future. 

Effective 18th December 2012, there was a management buyout of the assets and goodwill of Tradpak Ltd.  Tradpak Ltd has been liquidated and a new company formed under the umbrella parent company DLR Holdings Ltd. but trading as Tradpak Recycling. 

This new company becomes part of a strong group of companies operating from an integrated recycling park in Leeds:  Cleantank Ltd offering steel drum reconditioning, Pioneer Polymers providing plastic recycling, Tradpak Environmental Ltd offering waste management services in addition to the traditional IBC and plastic drum services provided by Tradpak Recycling.  All four businesses will be served by a transport company – Allways Logistics Ltd.

From our new site we will be able to handle all the packaging, waste and recycling requirements of our customers efficiently and at improved service levels.  The old Brighouse site will be closed and the operations from that site moved to the Leeds recycling park. 

This will be an exciting time for the enhanced group as we work to deliver ongoing efficiencies through the recycling park.  These, when implemented will help minimize the impact of rising costs within our industry whilst allowing us to widen the range of services we offer. 

Tradpak appoints new Managing Director

Specialist industrial packaging and recycling company Tradpak have appointed
Dr. Kevan Underhill as their new Managing Director. He joins the company following a management restructure which allows the existing team to focus on the further development of fast-growing sister company Yorkshire Plastics Recycling.

Kevan, a chemical engineer by training has enjoyed a successful career to date, in general management and sales roles in the chemical and waste sectors.  His previous appointments have included Managing Director of Acumen Waste Services, Sales and Development Director at Cleanaway Technical Services and Business Manager for Nalco Chemicals.   He joins Tradpak at an exciting time in its development as it seeks to expand its services to include Total Packaging Management.

Kevan is now looking forward to using his experience and leadership to enhance and develop Tradpak’s customer focussed service offering to its growing base of industrial customers.

Group Director David Roebuck said “since the MBO of Tradpak by Gareth Worthy and myself, we have instilled and maintained an ethos in the business that -  Everything Starts With The Customer. By focusing on service and investing heavily in people and plant, Tradpak has recovered from a previously underperforming position into a successful business.  Unusually in these difficult times we have grown during an economic downturn.”

He went on to state that “This recovery in performance was underpinned and reinforced by investment in people.  Initially Gareth and I were very hands on in helping to turn the business around.  However, as the group has grown, to allow us to focus on the development areas, we have needed to strengthen the management team at Tradpak.  This has been achieved with the appointment of Patrick Piggott as Operations Manager, Patrick is a graduate chemist, DGSA and has 5 years previous service with Biffa Waste.  David Underhill has also been appointed as Sales Executive, David is an Economics graduate with customer service experience developed at GEC Aerospace.”

“The rapid expansion of Tradpak has given the opportunity to create a sister company Yorkshire Plastic Recycling based on a newly developed site in Leeds. James Marshall who joined the company in 2009 has been instrumental in developing this business to have capacity of 50,000 tonnes per year of plastics.

“It is recognised by the management team that in order to continue to develop and progress we must ensure that our core business is managed closely and the good work achieved is not only maintained but built upon. This explains the decision to appoint Kevan as the new Managing Director at Tradpak.   Finding the right candidate for a senior position is always a difficult process but I have worked closely with him in the past during my time at Cleanaway, when he acted as a mentor and trainer.   This actually made the decision of appointing him as the MD a very easy one, as we share the same business values of putting the customer first and providing a quality service.”

“We now move into exciting times with a strong cohesive team managing both the development and core activities within the business and most importantly it is a team whose drive and experience will really be of benefit to the customers.”

Tradpak Recycling “recycles” empty industrial site in central Leeds

The recently completed acquisition of the 4.5 acre former Glendennings site in central Leeds has provided the platform required to launch Tradpak Recycling Ltd, a complimentary business to Tradpak Ltd’s traditional activities. Tradpak Ltd will remain within the Wood Street site in Brighouse and will continue to build on the success of the supply of new and reconditioned industrial packaging witnessed over the last six months. Tradpak Recycling Ltd, meanwhile, will be located at the redeveloped Leeds facility and utilise the additional storage and processing space to increase its recycling activity. “The vision at the outset, when establishing Tradpak through the MBO of pack2pack back in June, was always to expand, and properly develop, the recycling arm of the business.” commented David Roebuck, Managing Director. “Previous businesses at the current site used to dispose of the material that was too contaminated or damaged to be reconditioned by utilising landfill. With the Yorkshire and Humber region having the second highest Carbon Footprint in Western Europe, this route could not be allowed to continue.”

At present, Tradpak Ltd has a single plastics recycling wash line, which has seen an increase in granulate production of up to 40 tonnes per week of clean, granulated HDPE and a separate process producing up to 10 tonnes of shredded polypropylene. These materials are generated primarily by the reconditioning activity of Tradpak Ltd thus highlighting the synergy between the two companies. From January 2010, the introduction of a second recycling wash line at the Leeds site, with the existing line joining it once installation has been completed, plus two further lines already ordered to be delivered in the second quarter, will make the Leeds site a fully operational Plastic material recycling facility, and a key asset to the North for plastic reprocessing.

This increase in processing capacity is to cover a number of operational needs, but most importantly, to address a number of customer requirements. It will enable Tradpak Recycling to receive additional plastic material from a wider range of producers, and the additional storage space will allow for material to enter the site in a wider range of physical formats. “Other plastics such as ABS, PVC, PET and LDPE, can be added to the current HDPE and PP streams, and the Leeds site will allow for greater flexibility in receiving material in bails or skips, and other bulk containers, something that is prohibited by the size of the Brighouse facility.” James Marshall, Commercial Manager, added “The additional recycling lines will enable us to segregate the plastic feedstock by colour, as well as plastic type, allowing Tradpak Recycling to supply processed material to a wider range of local users.”

The Leeds facility will be fully operational by the middle of January 2010. For any plastic recycling queries, please call the office on 01484 714473 or call James Marshall on 07595 2200247. Alternatively, you could visit the website at

New Automated Wash Line now operational - September 2009

Hot on the heels of the launch of Tradpak Ltd in June came the first significant investment in capital equipment at the plant in Brighouse. A fully automated IBC wash line has been installed to replace the manual wash bays that had been in use since the site first started reconditioning IBCs and Drums in 1983. The 45 metre long wash line was custom built by a local fabricator to meet the stringent demands of the new business model and the specific quality requirements of Tradpak’s customers.

The line has increased throughput of IBCs to an impressive 200 per day, dependant on shift patterns and the level and nature of the contamination. This volume of throughput can be managed by three people, one to load the IBCs, one to complete the external wash, and one to complete the valve checks and leak tests. The IBC bottle and cage is loaded on to the initial stage of the wash line by forklift and is not handled manually again until the Quality Assessment stage prior to delivery to the customer.

The wash line incorporates 4 key automated stages;

- Caustic wash, to remove the majority of the residual contamination
- Detergent wash to remove the caustic element and deal with odour
- Hot rinse to complete the internal clean
- External clean to remove labels and splash contamination

The first three stages are fully automated and each stage handles two IBCs at any given time. The final external wash stage requires a single operator using a high pressure hose, but the design of the wash line again allows for two IBCs to be cleaned in tandem. This results in eight IBCs being at one of the four stages of the wash line at any given time.

Managing Director, David Roebuck, commented “The success of the formation of Tradpak was always going to be dependent on the level and nature of long overdue capital investment in the site. The traditional business of the Brighouse facility has always been the reconditioning of IBCs and drums so it was only logical that this area of the business should enjoy the first investment.” David went on to add that “The quality of the finished product had to be maintained, which the design of the line has managed to do. Our customers were keen to see innovation from their suppliers and some improvement in the turnaround of IBCs, particularly on the laundry front, but would not accept a drop in quality.”

This is the first in a series of investments ongoing within Tradpak. An automated plastic packaging recycling line has also been installed, which is producing significant volumes of granulated HDPE and PP material for reuse within the plastics industry. In addition, an automated drum wash line is in the process of being designed and will compliment the IBC reconditioning side of the business.

For more information, please contact the office on 01484 714473.

Tradpak Ltd Press Release – June 2009

June 1st 2009 saw the establishment of a new company within the plastics packaging sector named Tradpak Ltd. Tradpak has been formed from the management buyout of the plastics division of pack2pack UK Limited by the then Managing Director of pack2pack, David Roebuck, and his Operations Director, Gareth Worthy. “This was an excellent opportunity to invest in the packaging recycling market, as well as securing the future of the facility here in Brighouse” commented Mr Roebuck.

With the management team’s strong background in packaging, waste and recycling solutions, Tradpak will offer a full range of services including drum and IBC reconditioning, new packaging supply, and plastics recycling. As a result, the Brighouse facility has extended its capability to accept a wider range of plastic materials for recycling and decontamination. The licence also ensures plastics from other industries can be recycled, although the chemical, pharmaceutical and waste sectors will remain its core business.

“The buyout is just the start of some significant investment on the site”, added Mr Roebuck. “The plan has already seen the extension of warehousing space by 10,000 sq ft, to allow for an increase in new packaging stock management, which includes a one acre transport facility. It also included an additional 10,000 sq ft of production space, to further increase the recycling options”.

A total of circa £500k in capital investment has been injected into Tradpak to provide a more flexible transport fleet of 45 vehicles plus a new effluent plant allowing for the discharge consent to continue to be met even with the greater variety of contaminated packaging that is processed. In addition, there has been the installation of two new automated production lines. Firstly, a new recycling line allowing for contaminated plastic packaging to be shredded, washed and granulated ready for sale back into the plastic recycling market for the manufacture of new packaging. Secondly, a new automated IBC wash line to modernise and optimise this arm of the business. Gareth Worthy adds “we are excited by the prospect of operating with modern well designed, efficient equipment and processes ensuring we deliver a quality product and service.” This investment will provide the plant with an IBC processing capability of over 75,000 units per annum.

Mr Roebuck concluded by saying that “Tradpak will continue to work closely with key suppliers, to provide a full service offering to our customer base. We are looking at a wide range of products and service offerings in order to give our customers the complete package, whilst maintaining a clear focus on customer service. I have an absolute passion that everything starts with the customer and 1 am confident that this will be achieved, particularly with the commitment of the Tradpak team.”

For more information, please contact Tradpak Ltd direct on (01484) 714473.

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