Tradpak Fire - Update

Following the devastating fire that engulfed our Leeds site on Monday 21st April 2014 Tradpak are now back to full production. Whilst the whole of our yard, IBC processing facilities and all of our stock were completely destroyed, the offices, some operating areas and most of our transport fleet were undamaged. Consequently we were able to quickly restart collections and by using the undamaged areas of the Leeds site we are now processing and washing containers again.

Once again Tradpak would like to thank its customers and suppliers for their patience, support and good wishes in what has been a very difficult time for the company.

The Tradpak team’s priority will as always be to provide a quality service and every effort will be made to resume normal business as soon as possible. Further updates will be posted in the coming days. If any customer has any concerns or questions please ring our office on 08000 48 47 50



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