Rebottled IBC Supplier

Do you want the complete security of a new IBC but would prefer the price of a reconditioned IBC? Tradpak have the solution.

Tradpak can place a brand new IBC bottle into a reconditioned IBC cage. This ensures that the IBC bottle is pristine but keeps the IBC costs low. All UN ratings are maintained and IBCs can be provided on a metal, plastic, composite or wood base.

Tradpak are a preferred partner with Schutz, we never cross bottle Schutz IBCs and this ensures a regular supply, a reasonable price and a confidence you are receiving a rebottled IBC of the highest quality.

Tradpak provide a nationwide rebottled IBC delivery and collection service. If you have IBCs with a pristine cage but contaminated bottles Tradpak will still pay for your IBCs.

If you would like any more information about Trapak’s rebottled IBC supply please contact us here.
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