One of the UK's largest suppliers of Reconditioned IBCs and Drums

Tradpak are one of the UK’s largest reconditioned IBC processors and specialise in the supply of reconditioned IBCs and Drums and the collection of all used industrial packaging. The company continues the tradition of an established reconditioning and reuse business that has been on its Leeds site for 70 years.

Overseen by a management team with a strong background in packaging and reuse solutions, Tradpak offer a full range of reconditioned IBCs and Drums and they can collect and launder all used industrial packaging. 

Tradpak are proud to work to ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 Quality levels. It is the policy of Tradpak to provide customers with professional services and reliable products that are to the agreed standard and specification are on time and at the agreed prices. It is the goal of Tradpak to provide a level of customer care and focus that delivers complete satisfaction both before and after a sale.

If you have a requirement for the supply of reconditioned IBCs or Drums, or need some packaging recovered, please contact  the team on our contact page here.

If you have IBCs that are surplus to your requirements we are happy to come and look at them and offer industry beating prices.

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